Masonry & Concrete Wall Coatings

Distinctive coatings for distinctive buildings

A high-build 100% acrylic coating for above grade application on concrete, masonry, and stucco. It is available in smooth, fine and coarse textures and is tintable to many colours. Resists wind-driven rain, freeze-thaw damage and abrasion due to wind blown sand, sleet, or hail. It combines a tough, long lasting film with high water vapor permeability.

Waterproof Sealers

Heavy-Traffic Waterproof Coatings

A liquid applied waterproof topping with an integral aggregate surface. It forms a continuous elastomeric, waterproof, skid-resistant membrane for use on parking decks, balconies and other surfaces exposed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Roofing, Waterproofing, and Protective Coating In One

A water-based liquid rubber, cold spray-applied; quick set membrane that forms a 100% bond to most construction materials in one coat. Unlike hot-applied systems, it will not become brittle or crack. With an elasticity of 1800% it is designated for the most demanding applications and environments. The fully adhered liner can be applied to unusual complex surfaces in reservoirs, tanks, canals, industrial ponds and lakes.

Waterproof sealers